Twin Cities

Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is a port city on the Black Sea coast of the Autonomous Republic of Ajaria, Georgia, and serves as its capital. The city is located about 20 kilometers from the Georgia-Turkey border. In the vicinity of Batumi there are citrus groves and tea fields.

Richmond Hill - Canada

The city has grown since the 90s thanks to the development of the medical industry and the high-tech industry and thus attracted many entrepreneurs. It also has a telescope - the second largest in the country.

Xiamen - China

The ties with the city of Xiamen began in 2007 and are ongoing continuously. Xiamen is a port city in Fujian Province and is considered one of the economic centers in Southeast Asia. The city has 3.5 million inhabitants.

The Kurortny District of Saint Petersburg - Russia

The district of Korortny is a green lung of the city of St. Petersburg, with a soft marine climate surrounded by green and spectacular forests. The district borders the Gulf of Finland and attracts many vacationers and tourists.

Minsk - Belarus

Within Minsk's Central District territory are situated the old city, the Victory Monument, the monument in memory of writer Yanka Kupala and more. Also in Minsk's Central District are the exhibition centers of the city of Minsk as well as commercial and industrial areas and research institutes.

Moscow - Russia

The western district is considered one of the most prestigious and green in the Russian capital. It was established in 10/7/1991 In this district are located embassies, research institutes, the University of Moscow, as well as an ancient synagogue.

Poděbrady - Czech Republic

Poděbrady is a spa city located in Bohemia on the banks of the River Labe east of Prague. In the city there is a fortress built in the Middle Ages which is a tourist attraction.

Gelendzhik - Russia

Gelendzhik was founded in 1831 and is formally a city since 1915. It is a resort town located in the Krasnodar area on the Black Sea coast. It covers 102 hectares and has 91408 inhabitants.

Siófok – Hungary

Siófok is a city in the south of Hungary located on the banks of the Balaton Lake. It is known as Balaton Lake's Capital and is a popular tourist destination due to its mild climate. The city lies 106 km from Budapest and has a rich historical tradition.

Como – Italy

The city of Como lies along the shores of Como Lake, also known as the Lario Lake, and is the capital of the province of Como. Third in its size in Italy, the lake is located in Lombardy in Northern Italy and expands over 146 km.

Sarcelles – France

Sarcelles is a suburban city located 15 km from the French capital, Paris. The city is divided into two parts: the old part is called "The Village" in the center of which is a church, and is separate from the rest of the city.

Stavanger – Norway

The origin of the name comes from the word "inlet" and is made of two words: staff and inlet, relating to the shape of the bay. The city is divided into seven counties: Hundvוg, Tasta , Eiganes og Vוland , Madla, Storhaug, Hillevוg, Hinnaand is the capital of the metropolitan.

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