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Gelendzhik – Russia


A Twin City agreement was signed on 31/01/13 by Mayor Mirgelindjik-2iam Fierberg – Ikar

Gelendzhik was founded in 1831 and is formally a city since 1915.

It is a resort town located in the Krasnodar area on the Black Sea coast. It covers 102 hectares and has 91408 inhabitants.

Its Inhabitants are mainly engaged in tourism and free trade.

The weather is temperate – as befits a resort air-conditioned in summer and mild in winter.

The city is divided into four districts: Kabardian, Divnomorskoe, Pshada and Arhipo-Osipovskiy.

Gelendzhik’s twin cities are in Byelorussia, France, Greece and Germany – and now Israel.







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