The Jewish New Year is a Biblical holiday which begins ten days of “Tshuva” (= answers) these days are very important in the Jewish world. At the peak of the day the Shofar will be blown in order to open the gates of Heaven where all prayers will reach Heavens’ gates.

Rosh Hashana is Dooms’ day but a day of happiness and celebrations – the Nations’ trust in God so that it will be safe!

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Active Holiday

Netanya stadium

Netanya Stadium area is about 60 acres, with approximately 6000 square meters intended for trade and employment.
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I-Surf surfing school

I-Surf is a family boutique surfing school operating since 2010, run by Gil Zilka, a professional surfer who has competed in Israel and around the world for more than 20 years.
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The sky is not the limit!

The paraglider attraction is an exceptional and unusual recreational activity tailored to the adventurers among you who choose to go to the limit
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Kontiki surf club

Our goal is to make your experience easy, enjoyable and safe. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in surfing.
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