You are invited to visit our beloved city. Netanya Awaits.

We welcome you to Netanya – one of the most vibrant places in Israel, located right in its center. A beautiful resort and lively city, Netanya is an ideal vacation destination. Among other things, it boasts a string of glistening beaches with convenient elevators that take you right to the water’s edge, seemingly never-ending promenades offering views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, unique natural sanctuaries that preserve the local sandstone environment and lots of green parks for sports and leisure.

As a  city with vacationers in mind, Netanya is about much more than just stunning seascapes. With lots of coffee spots, restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, and galleries, there always seems to be something going on. Don’t miss the lively, authentic market and the various outdoor events held here during the long summer season for everyone to enjoy.
A paradise for sports lovers, Netanya offers a vast variety of activities at its beachfront sports centers: tennis, paragliding, and extreme bike riding are just some of the possibilities waiting for you here. And join us during the summer months for the exiting Beach Soccer Games taking place at Poleg Beach.

You are invited to visit our beloved city. Netanya Awaits.

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Netanya market

Netanya market – is considered one of the most beautiful New Independence Square and colorful markets in Israel


Weekly market displays nostalgic & interesting objects for sale

Promenades from north to south

Netanya boasts some beautifully styled and well-manicured promenades from the north part of the city to the southern neighborhoods

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