Irises started to bloom

Enjoy a guided walking tour, full of colors and scents at the trails of the Irises reserve



Amazing time for the nature hikes

Heavy rains are good for the daffodils


City Life, Nature

Let's be farmers in the heart of the city of Netanya

Are you living in an apartment building and dreaming of a garden?

environmental sculpture

City Life, Nature

Environmental sculpture

Over 2000 bottles were required for the establishment of the environmental sculpture, which was set up by Mazal with "Netanya community of culture"

City Life, Nature

Tu B'Shvat

February 9th, we celebrate one of the most beautiful holidays - Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for trees

Halbrecht farm food garden

City Life, Nature

Netanya celebrates Tu Bishvat

Come and enjoy a happening for the entire family dedicated to loving the environment


Netanya marks the International Day of Seas and Oceans

Environmental videos competition - entrance is free - everyone is welcome!


Like taking walks on the beach with your kids and care about the environment?

Join us for the second meeting in the Families Research the Sea series, where we will continue to document the marine life

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