Environmental sculpture

Over 2000 bottles were required for the establishment of the environmental sculpture, which was set up by Mazal, a talented artist and resident of Netanya, together with Haim Tzur of the”Netanya community of culture”, on the descent to Sironi Beach. The sculpture is 4.5 meters high, built of bottles of mineral water collected from the recycling bins. The bottles are integrated in an iron construction designed together with an engineer.|

Cotti has been working on the project for over a year. During the bottle collection, she delivered to the “Naomi Shemer” school students the bottoms of the bottles she did not need in her work. The school children who are part of the cultural community also did an art work of recycling.


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City Life

Opening of the swimming season

The swimming season officially opened on April 13 at the following beaches: Blue Bay, Ha’Onot, Herzl, Sironit A & B, Poleg.

City Life

Happy Atzmaut day in Netanya

A fireworks show, songs, dancing and more!

City Life, Culture

An Exhibition opening – “Keter”

By Itzik Badash

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