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ulai malachim

If you happen to meet walkers with backpacks and walking sticks in the Netanya Promenade –you have reached the “Israel path”.
As of now the path includes the Winter Pond as well – one of the largest winter ponds left in the Sharon area with a variety of endemic creatures.
The path runs along the commemoration compound that includes Beit Yad Lebanim, a wagon from World War II, the Terror victim’s statue and the “Wings” which commemorates the winning of the Russian Army over Nazi Germany.

This is the time! take a stick, take a backpack and walk to the South – enjoy a beautiful landscape and have a unique experience in a personal and national mode.

A green lung in the middle of Netanya
In the middle of the city, behind Tschernichowski school a new green corner can be found. The Economic Development & Tourism Society of Netanya(H.L.T)built a new Play Park for the benefit of children & parents. Four dunams which are divided into two play zones, adjourned. The latest game facilities, green areas and shades, extreme climbing wall with steep slopes – using the difference in height of the levels of the commercial square and the open space.

The leading park in the Sharon area
In the North part of Netanya, close to Einstein & Spinoza one of the largest parks which were opened here- is being built by the Netanya Municipality. It is meant to be opened on July 2020.
The park stretches over more than 20 dunams and was constructed upon existing ideas of sustainability, earth preservation, water savings and cultivation of fauna and animal care.
the huge park challenging facilities, peripherals walking paths trees and shadowing, colorful synthetic grass lamination with sitting corners.
The park gives an answer to a variety of ages: families, tiny ones & grown- ups.

ulai malachim

Come and enjoy the Ha’Mlachim promenade
The Ministry of Tourism working with The Economic Development & Tourism Society of Netanya (H.L.T ) along with the Municipality of Netanya joined together in order to finalize works of Ha’Mlachim Promenade. Walking paths, gardening and shaded playgrounds are being built.
This promenade joins the impressive list of promenades from North to South which offer a wide range of sitting areas, playground zones, green lawns, environmental sculptures and biking paths.

On the way to the Winter Pond park
The Ministry of Housing along with the Netanya Municipality have completed building one of the important parks in the South of Netanya which combines Neot Shaked , Galey Yam and the winter pond park.
Entering from Greenboim is a shady urban area facing the street which is being used by the elderlies for social purposes.
Further south there are three different compounds – youth compound, playground for children compound and an area for free activities all three lead to the Winter Pond park which can be reached by foot and bicycle. Come and enjoy!

ulai malachimulai malachim

Under the Morus trees
“The Artist’s square” is the meeting point between the “green” lane and the “blue” lane in the Ir Yamim quarter, spread over 20 dunam and is planned to be a central playground and a sitting area for parents & children.
Five dunams of Morus trees were planted in a way that emphasizes the round nature of the paved square. Unique pergulas are creating a luxurious look to the square, sitting areas with tables and sitting benches , decorative lightening adds to its outstanding look! Children playing facilities are planned in the future.

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