Pamper yourself with a tasty brunch on Fridays


Friday Brunch


At the restaurant “Agamim”

Fridays 10:30 – 13:00

The Leonardo Plaza Hotel


₪ 89 per person

For information and reservations: 09-7931111



Netanya City Center

NetanyaCityCenter has always been the center of the urban scene, the center of culture, entertainment, shopping and tourism.
Herzl Street and its offshoots is the main avenue that crosses the city of Netanya laterally and passes through centers such as the Cultural Hall and Market complex, the Zion Square and Hanotea compound and pedestrian malls Krause and Tel Hai on the way to Independence Square and the beach. Within this framework are held markets on weekends, antiques market at Krause pedestrian mall.
During the summer months public drawing workshops will be held in Krause pedestrian mall and street parties on Herzl Street and in the market.

An observatory in Netanya

An educational and tourist attraction in the city of Netanya, Netanya students will benefit from enrichment in science and astronomy.
The contribution is intended for the construction of a building of 1000 square meters that will include a planetarium, an auditorium with 150 places, various activity rooms and a meditation room.

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