Chic in the market

שיק בשוק - renewed marketplace in Netanya

Netanya residents, meet the renewed marketplace in Netanya: the entertainment complex from the house of the brand – “The Market Yard” – a designed and urban courtyard complex in the center with a cultural, entertainment and culinary experience.

The first bar of the complex The Market Yard came out these days with the opening of the “box” – 2 bars, one bar with cocktails and drinks and the side bar with coffee and desserts located in the northern field of the market.

The Market Yard complex will be located in the heart of the market, the area of ​​the complex is about 500 sq. meters, and there will be club-tracks with a variety of quality culinary options, bars, sitting and standing areas as well as a stage for performances and cultural events. The entrance to the Netanya Market Yard will be from Zangvil Street, through the renovated Bar Avenue in the market.

In the next step, there is an intention to plan new stands, add shading and a canopy for the convenience of the visitors, handling of the street floor, lighting, suitable street furniture and planting trees, all to create an attractive and inviting place.

You are invited to come and enjoy the renovated marketplace.


Netanya’s City Market – Hours

  • 7 am–7 pm
  • 7 am–7 pm
  • 7 am–7 pm
  • 7 am–4 pm
  • Closed
  • 7 am–7 pm
  • 7 am–7 pm


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