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Israeli Art Fair

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Israeli Art Fair

The Piano Center in the outer central square

Gallery on the cliff


Concerts on the cliff 2020

The square in front of the gallery on the cliff


Exhibition" Nature Reserve"

The artist & architect Haim Ben Amar (1908-1992) paints Israeli landscapes

ulai malachim


Learn the new route of "Israel Path"

Have you met walkers with backpacks and walking sticks in the Netanya Promenade?

City Life

Promenades from north to south

Netanya boasts some beautifully styled and well-manicured promenades from the north part of the city to the southern neighborhoods


City Life

Netanya opens the 2020 bathing season

In accordance with the purple badge; guidelines, the public is asked to obey the instructions

City Life

Bonjour Netanya - Fashion tours for women only

Three hours of a chic and styled tour of the Mediterranean Riviera of Israel, together with the stylist Angela Wiener.


City Life, Culture

A range of activities in the Netanya Museum

Summer is here and it brings with it a range of activities in the Netanya Museum

City Life

Inter Active Atzmaut Square

The Municipality of Netanya has inaugurated the "Inter Active Atzmaut Square" networked with the most advanced technologic systems and is a touristic attraction.

Flea Market

City Life


Creative artists present their original works in the fields of paintings. Vintage collections such as antique household goods, coins, puppets, stamps etc. can also be found  on the stands.


City Life

Gallery on Herzl Street

We invite you to the street festivities with many other talented artists

City Life

Riding and enjoying in Netanya

Cycling is a field that has been developing in many cities in the country and around the world for decades.

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