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פעילות מיוחדת בפלנתניה - מסע בין כוכבים


Star Trek

A special activity in Planetanya

Kikar playground

Grandparents, parents and children we are waiting for you for fun games. The activity is free and depends on the weather.

Grandparent's stars - a joint activity between grandparents and grandchildren

Planetanya – the science and space center invites you to a special activity: scientific experiments, activity in the science garden and of course a special show in the planetarium

במו ידיהן


By their own hands - a bus tour to the creative space of four women creators

A bus tour to the creative space of four women creators

הקבינט הנשי - לכבוד יום האישה הבינלאומי


The Women's Cabinet - in honor of International Women's Day

Miki Kam, Tali Oren, Meshi Kleinstein come to your home to sing, laugh and get emotional on the days when we all need a smile

ינון בן דוד


Yinon ben David

A mystical experience enriches and especially opens our vision to the world of channeling and mysticism

מדד חדד - סדנת סטיילינג שתשנה את תרבות הצריכה שלך!


“Madad Hadad” - a styling workshop that will change your consumption culture!

Forget everything you knew about your shopping habits in stores!!!

גיל שוחט מארח: מייקל הרפז שר אלטון ג׳ון


Gil Shohat hosts Michael Harpaz who sings Elton John

Composer and pianist Gil Shohat hosts Michael Harpaz, American-Israeli singer, and star of the Israeli boy band "High Five", who performs in this show Elton John's greatest hits

Have a good time at the museum - an experience with heritage

A tour of the museum, a quiz on the objects in the Rishonim room, an interactive quiz and more

International Women's Day 2024 - Absorption Division

We invite everyone to participate in the grand festive show dedicated to International Women's Day

Visits to the Oaks’ Grove Reserve

Nature in bloom under the house

Women do the market

Tasting tour and unique stories at the market

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