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Olim for Olim

New immigrants helping new immigrants

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Netanya celebrates 92!

There is a celebration in town

נתניה חו"ל זה כאן!

City Life, Culture

"Nathan – Ya"

Although impossible to visit Netanya during these days – it is the right time to hear about it and learn about its' history! Netanya will embrace you once visiting will be an option.

City Life, Culture

“Vacation City”

1933 was the year that marks Netanya as a “Vacation City” – the city was planned accordingly.

City Life, Culture

A new Culture Hall in Netanya

The  Municipality of Netanya has approved the building of a new Culture Center a while ago.

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Netanya market

Netanya market – is considered one of the most beautiful New Independence Square and colorful markets in Israel

environmental sculpture

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Environmental sculpture

Over 2000 bottles were required for the establishment of the environmental sculpture, which was set up by Mazal with "Netanya community of culture"

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Bonjour Netanya - Fashion tours

A tour dedicated to chic & style in the Mediterranean guided by the Stylist Angela Weiner

Do As You Please

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"Do As You Please 2"

The exhibition presents works that were done during Corona days and within the frame of thinking of each artist

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Promenades from north to south

Netanya boasts some beautifully styled and well-manicured promenades from the north part of the city to the southern neighborhoods


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An experience from another planet

"Planetanya"- The Madarame Center for Science, Space and Culture

SEGO GoNetanya

City Life


Netanya is characterized by an amazing coastline with a new and exotic promenade chosen as one of the most beautiful promenades in Israel.

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