Promenades from north to south

The western-most part of Netanya is built on a sandstone ridge stretching from north to south and stands at a height of between 25 to 45 meters above sea level . The height difference between the beach and the built up part of the city creates a superb opportunity to dwell in a unique landscape not to be found elsewhere in Israel. Indeed, some of the most popular neighborhoods in Netanya are alongside the sea shore and the balconies on the high floors command a view deep into the Mediterranean.

Netanya boasts some beautifully styled and well-manicured promenades from the north part of the city to the southern neighborhoods. This string of promenades is the longest of its kind in Israel and is also part of the national hiking path “Shvil Israel”.

For many Netanya residents and tourists visiting the city alike, these are warmly treasured places.

The Hamelachim promenade

The Hamelachim Promenade is located on Hamelachim Street, south of the helipad. The promenade offers a hiking trail, gardening, playground facilities and shading.

The promenade joins a strip of north-south promenades and special access ways to the beach.

The promenades extend along Netanya’s coastline and beyond the view – the promenades offer a wide range of seating compounds, playground areas, lawns, artworks and environmental sculptures as well as trails for cyclists.

The Nizza promenade

Is the one in the north. It includes seating places, playgrounds, grass lawns and bike trails.nitza

The Ma’apilim promenade

There is an arts square, home to the city art gallery where the best Israeli artists display their works of art. There are also private galleries, fenced-in skating arena, playgrounds and seating places.


Shaked Promenade

The veteran promenade is the Shaked Promenade. It starts in the north by Nizza Boulevard and ends at the city amphitheater by the sea shore. Along this promenade there are two restaurants: one is encircled by a small lake and a tiny waterfall near picturesque wooden bridge and the second one hangs on the edge of the cliff with a pagoda shape roof.


The Rishonim Promenade

Was inaugurated in 2002. Today this promenade is the touristic backbone of the city. Walking through it one can admire the grass lawns and beautiful green spaces. Nine pergolas shaped in special Mediterranean style are located in it. The hotels, once facing into the road, have made a 180 degrees turn and opened new restaurants overlooking the sea and attracting tourists and locals all year round. In the center of the promenade there is a high speed elevator to facilitate the decent to the beach. The path to the elevator is via a bridge that serves as a vantage point to the sea shore. The blue sea and the magnificent sunsets attract many people to this spot and there is always a feeling of festivity.

Carmel Promenade

The promenade is the following of the promenades, begins at square “Pirhei Haeven” until “Ir Hashemesh” square.

Dankner Promenade

Promenade “Face to the Sea”. Along the promenade benches lights and garden furniture.

Matzok promenade

Further down south are the Matzok promenade inaugurated in 2004 with its lawns and seating areas, the Dankner Promenade facing the sea, and to complete the list, the Carmel Promenade from the stone flower square to the sunny city square.


The southern promenade named after director Claude Lanzmann

The promenade is unique in its environmental sculptures, made from recycled materials by interdisciplinary artist Roslan Sergeyev. The sculptures are used as decorations and benches, gazebos and playgrounds.


The film about Promenades


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