The Liberty Shofar

The Liberty Shofar is located next to the Einstein Park. It is an impressive monument which was built together with the Zionist Histadrut marking the UN announcement of Israel’s birth on November 29th. The monument is decorated by the flags of the nations who voted for Israel and due to its’ size can be seen from afar.


Ishar Harel 11, Netanya.
North of Netanya, near the intersection of Einstein and Spinoza Streets


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Paiting workshops

The gallery is located in the center of the city and hosts exhibitions of plastic arts, performances, sculpture and more

City Life

An experience from another planet

"Planetanya"- The Madarame Center for Science, Space and Culture

Netanya Museum

In 2010, the Netanya municipality decided to renovate the place and turn it into a documentation center and museum of the history of the city.

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