An experience from another planet


The “Planetanya”- The Madarame Center for Science, Space and Culture
A compound for entertainment and experiencing for the whole family, combining a touristic and an educational attraction that encourages inspiration, imagination and development of thinking in a variety of activities and for a variety of ages.
“Planetanya” is a unique visitor center in the fields of science, space and astronomy and gives a glimpse of the fascinating world of Japanese culture.
Visitors at “Planetanya” will enjoy a digital planetarium which has equipment and means of demonstration of the most advanced in the world, a Japanese garden, an interactive scientific garden, ecological ponds, a lecture hall and activity workshops. The place is spread over 7 acres and is designed in Japanese-style, bright and light.

Students from the municipal and national education system will come to “Planetanya” for enrichment days in space sciences and basic sciences.
The public is invited to take part in the lectures, classes, workshops and scientific and cultural events to be held in the compound.



“Planetanya”- Ben Gurion Blvd., 168


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