Where dreams lead to...Old Jaffa

Inspiring stories of success, legends and dreams that came true, a magic capsule where you can make a wish, an encounter with a historical character, music, sounds and voices of Old Jaffa —all of this resembles a tour for children. But only at first glance.

This immersive audio tour about the dreams and dreamers of Jaffa will also allow adults to have a fresh look at the history of the city, take a break from the news, and of course, dream together.

Perfect for a family
outing or a fun corporate activity. It’s a great idea if you’re looking for an adventure with friends or a birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah activity, etc.


Laisa Tour
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Jaffa. Love. Adventures.

An immersive tour through the streets of Jaffa with historical characters from past centuries

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