The National project of protecting the beach cliff in Netanya

The National project of protecting the beach cliff in Netanya gets started

The protecting project in order to save the beach cliffs is national project and includes 12 wave breakers and sand feeding in order to enlarge the beach stripe.

Works will start on the North part of the Sironit beach and will continue towards the South part towards Argaman beach during the upcoming four and a half years.

Following the periodical monitoring reports regarding Netanya’s cliffs the Municipality received assistance in order to protect the beach cliffs within the National project.

The collapse procedure of the beach cliff is a natural procedure but the timing in which the collapse will take place is unpredictable. The collapse of the beach cliff happens due to three natural processes :the movement of the sea waves on the tip of the cliff(which causes its’ incline to be constantly steep) the fact that the steep slope  is unstable and the surface runoff which is caused by rain water which fall on the slope, penetrate it and loosen the rock layers (sand, loam soil etc)

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