Restaurants and Cafes in Netanya

Come & share with us the “Israeli Meals”

It’s difficult to count the number of restaurants in Netanya – It’s quite impossible. There are restaurants of Italian kitchen,
French, Thailand, Chinese and Russian. Even the children in Israel eat “Kiev patties”. Netanya’s Center is a big restaurant under the sky.












In fact the expression “Israeli kitchen” doesn’t exist. The Israeli Kitchen is under the influence of the culinary traditions.
Most of the Jews in Israel came from East Europe or North Africa. They conserved their traditions of the jewish kitchen
practiced by the different generations. Couscous goes well with “koube” and “Guefeltefish”. The Israelies use a lot
of condiments like anis, cinnamon, mint, persil, like in the oriental kitchen. Each restaurant will offer you a lot of salads,
a variety of meat. During your vacancies in Israel, you should taste “Humus”, a traditional eating, with many condiments.
Try also “Thina”.

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When you eat “Humus”, you try to “Wipe” it. Usually the “Humus” is served in a plate with olive oil and persil. You
may add red pepper. You eat “Humus” with a “pita”, special bread which accompany the “Humus”.
“Burekas” are also very popular, with cheese, puree of potatoes and more … The Israeli kitchen include also fish cooked
in many ways. It’s evident that in Netanya you will find different kinds of sea fishes. We advise you to taste tuna
and musht grilled. As desert, nuts marmalade, baklaoua and pudding with caramel, also fruits.












In addition Israel is an occidental country and has of course the newest culinary inventions. In Netanya you can find
Mac Donald’s restaurants and pizzas but we also take care of the citizens and tourists health. In consequence we propose
a lot of Mediterranean sea fishes. In Israel we are used to give a tip in the restaurants.
12 per cent in addition to the account for the service.

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