Hanukka at the Museum of Netanya

A morning of miracles & creativity – Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 09:00-12:00

The Mystery of the lost Hanukkia – an ancient Hanukkia disappeared lately from the Museums’ exhibition. Riddles, opening locks and other surprises will bring the resolve the mystery!

Workshop: coin mounting 7 story, preparing a dreidel  with special dates for Netanya.


The Israeli Children’s Theatre

Sunday 13/12/20 between 15:30-17:30

“The Generous Tree”

The play will take place at 15:30 & 16:30


To expel darkness – photographing workshop

Monday 14/12 at 16:00

We will learn to use light in order to photograph darkness & create amazing photos in light


Become a Gardner for one day

Monday 14/12/20 at 11:00

A gardening workshop for children


Celebrating in our garden

Tuesday 15/12/20 between 15:30-18:00  activities of the Garden community celebrate, music & singing  – culture movement


Light the picture

Wednesday 16/12/20 at 10:00

How to reach the picture I want? The correct use of light & shadowprinting a picture & treating it with accessories.


Seeds of Happiness – a play

Wednesday 16/12/20 at 15:30  a play in a suitcase, the Svivatron theater along with the Environment Department.


Become an Artist for one day

Thursday 17/12/20 between 11:00-12:30  A graffiti workshop in the Museum court.


The Israeli Theater – Piter Pen

Thursday  17/12/20 between 15:00-18:00  at 15:00, 16:00, 17:00

A week of light in Beit Ora – directed tours

The extraordinary story of the weaving factory, a directed tour in the Museum

& presenting the products of the “Beit Ora” factory.

During Hanukka days –Sunday – Thursday  12:00-16:00 with prior enrollment


The Netanya Museum 3 MacDonald St details 098308851 museum.netanya@gmail.com

All Hanukka events with prior enrollment through Netanya Culture Center site. Fees for activities is 10 shekel per participant


The Netanya Museum

3 MacDonald St

Tel. 098308851





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