Nahal Alexander - National Park, sea turtles Park


The turtle’s stream Park – next to the Turtle Bridge. From the top of the tree tower you can see the expanses of Hefer Valley and Nahal Alexander. At the foot of the tower lies an expansive lawn with picnic tables, ornamental trees and a pergola. A small jetty, adjacent to the stream, provides an opportunity to view the soft turtle – one of the most impressive natural attractions in Israel

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Amazing time for the nature hikes

Heavy rains are good for the daffodils

Agamon Hefer (little lake Hefer)

In the heart of the fields of Emek Hefer, near the Alexander River, is Agamon Hefer - a sanctuary for birds and an attraction for nature lovers.

Lookout and Observation Stock Mishmar Hasharon and reservoirs Emek Hefer

The Vikar Observatory is a large shaded balcony that rises above the Mishmar Hasharon Reservoir, which is about 1 million cubic meters

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