Hertzel beach

Herzl Beach is the extension from Herzl Street and Atzmaut Square. Herzl Street runs to Ha’azmaut Square and from there continues right onto the beach. The beach is also accessible through the Sea Elevator or by parking on the northern side of Sironit Beach. From the lower level there is access to a deck tree leading to the water line. People with disabilities can move around with floating wheelchairs that allow them to enter the water line. The beach offers rescue services, a first aid, shade sheds, changing rooms, toilets, a restaurant, beach umbrellas and sports facilities, including football fields, volleyball and basketball. Additional attractions include the sports center “Tzeva Tchelet” where naval activities take place – Tornado Jet, Fun Tube, Jet Ski – and many others.



The Beach Administration Department

Tel: 09-8618718

Fax: 09-8843244


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Zanz beach

This beach is arranged for separate swimming by gender for the ultra religious. The placed is fenced and supervised. The kiosk here is glatt-kosher. First aid services are available.

Ha-Onot beach

The Onot Beach gets its name from the Onot Hotel, which towers above the beach. Ascent to the beach is through a stairway from the Shaked Promenade along Niza Boulevard.

Amphi Beach (Kontiki)

The Amphi (Kontiki) Beach is located underneath the amphitheater. The beach is intended for marine activity. In the northern breakwater area, non-motorized vessels (catamarans, surfboards) are allowed to enter.

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