Aaronson House

Beit Aharonson Nili Museum was established in 1956 alongside the Aharonson family home built in 1884, and was the focus of the Nili underground operations. The unique house which stands more than 130 years, arouses great curiosity and those coming through its gates enter a magical courtyard, a courtyard where you can touch the past, hear the wings of history. Planted at the yard are Washington palm trees brought by Aaron Aaronson from California in 1912. The museum includes an audio-visual presentation, entry to the family home, entrance to the hidden tunnel and a visit to the exhibition space.



Every year many visitors come to the museum, including students, young and old, soldiers, citizens and tourists who learn this way about an important chapter in the history of the nation and the country.
Audiovisual presentation – At first, visitors watch an audiovisual exhibit depicting the history of the Nili underground. The presentation fascinates visitors who learn about the background of the period, the reasons for the establishment of the underground, Nili’s goals, how did its members operate and what happened to them.


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