Netanya Museum Events

חגי תשרי במוזיאון נתניה

🗓 9.9.2023 – 7.10.2023
📍 מוזיאון העיר נתניה

September in the Museum

All week long, fixed

  • Escape room – the mystery of the missing diamond bag
  • Help the police in allocating the bag 50 shekel per family up to 6 participants
  • Navigating family – free of charge
  • Navigate at night time and find out about the city’s secrets an independent navigation game around the city
  • Happy New Year (included in the Museum ticket
  • A nostalgic greeting card regards from Netanya of the past

Friday- Saturday – free of charge Israeli

  • Every round hour we have a directed tour of the Museum
  • A new exhibition of “old times” in the school – especially for the beginning of the school year
  • For the whole family – tasks upon walking on a huge carpet, games of the past, memory games, a camera from the Palmach days, a room dedicated to the founders of Netanya, a memory game – on Friday an interactive quiz


September & October in the Museum

26/9/23 Tuesday Be a graffiti artist for one day at 10:00
A tour which will show you the street paintings in Herzl St. and a graffiti workshop
Price per ticket 25 ILS

28/9/23 History tasting in the Shuk at 12:00
A directed tour between Tunisian Sandwich & Bourika. We will get to know the smells & special tastes of Netanya market
Meeting at Shaar Ha’Emek corner Herzl

30/9/23 Saturday a revival in Nature at 11:00 – animal show of Eli Ofir

3/10/23 Tuesday at 11:00 A celebration with wood
25 shekel for parent + child

3/10/23 Tuesday at 18:00  – About beaches & stars
25 shekel  for parent& child.
A lampoon tour and stars watching, we will walk on the beach watching stars by a telescope, look for immigrants in the dark and beware of British soldiers.

4/10/23 Wednesday 4/10 at 18:00 a tour of beaches for the families
25 shekel per participant, touring the city beaches following the immigrants, History & Ecology

5/10/23 Thursday at 10:00 A Water Day
25 shekel for parent &child the water hole – a story telling hour, the economical water route- water games

5/10/23 Thursday at 20:30 Beaches & Opera
Directed by Hava Apel. Singing Ayala Cohen – an opera singer

Saturday 7/10/23 at 10:00 senses & tentacles – free of charge
A tour off discovering the urban nature with Chameli houthe Nature instructor





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