Netanya Museum celebrates Shavout

A tale of a city through

I will go to the market… 
Friday 19/5/23 25/5/23 at 10:00
A culinary tour in the Netanya market. Authenticity next to tradition
85 shekel (including 4 tastings)

Tikun Shavout Night Tuesday 23/5/23 at 19:00
A night study in Megilat Ruth along with “Tzohar Rabinical Association
Music for Shvout Nir Alon and his accordion. Narrated by Hava Apel . 10 shekel

Shavout in Tour & Story – suitable for Shabbat keepers (no payment included)
When Herzl goes down to the beach . Friday 26/5/23 at 10:00 a beach tour on the beach cliffs, limestone ridges and wave breakers.

A tale of a city through one street Saturday 27/5/23 at 09:30
From the Ma’abara to stage Saturday 27/5/23 at 11:00 along with the actress Yehudit Enoshi

Where were you on “Matan Tora” Holiday
An exhibition of rare photos from Shvout holidays in the Forties till the Seventies.

Details at the Netanya Museum (3 Macdonald St.)
Tel 09-8308851




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