Boom! Beng! Doyng!

The Israeli Comics children will present their works in the Gallery on the Cliff in Netanya.
Comics come in many variations and on the first time we will host a special exhibition which is dedicated to our childhood heroes from the nostalgic children’s newspapers.

The exhibition will be opened on the 30 th of September and will close on November 16th .

The curator is Daniella Gardosh-Santo and the exhibition will include artists such as: Dudu Geva, Ofer Zanzuri, Daniela London-Dekel, Rutu Modan, Noam Nadav, Hila Noam,Uri Fink,Erez Zadok,Shai Cherka, Mishel Kishka,Nimrod reshef, Yaniv Shimoni and Tomix.

Israeli children’s comics deals mostly with children and enables children with disabilities, outstanding who deal with funny, frightening, shy or non accepted children to be represented as well as usual ones.

“Comics is a story and paintings and a special way to tell a story. When these two medias meet it feels like one can not survive without the other. That is what Comics are about” says the exhibition’s curator, Daniela Gardosh-Santo.


The Gallery on the Cliff, Netanya
On Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 10-17:00
Fri-Sat 10:00-17:00
Entrance free


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