"The sea has given"

You are all invited to the opening of the exhibition “The sea has given” which will take place in the Gallery on the Cliff, 19 Ha’Maapilim St .Netanya
What has the sea given, what did it take, what have you given him back. A fascinating exhibition of 9 artists – each of them has a dialogue with the sea. Various techniques, materials and personal ,interesting ways of expression.

You are invited to come to the opening or visit during the month in days the Gallery is open.

Opening on Friday 25/3/22 at 12:00

Opening times: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 10:00-17:00, Friday Saturday 10:00-14:00

Gallery talk 9/4/22 at 11:00

Participating artists: Neomi Karoch, Hedva Arazi,Hani Elisha,Inbal Keren-Mor,Yosef Kapilian,Nurit Zederboim,Smadar Barnea, Neta Avidar


Gallery on the Cliff
19 Ha’Maapilim St


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