Purim happening and Celebration!

The program includes a Purim carnival in Herzl Street Mall and the Atzmaut square with street performers, jugglers, wizards, dancers, the children’s star Michal Haktana, the comedian couple Ofer & Maor and many more surprises.

Save the date!

On March 17th everyone is putting on costumes and arrive in the city center to a large Purim happening / Celebration will continue the day after on March 18th in the Herzl Street Mall (under the restrictions of the Ministry of Health).

Further to the main events, there will be lively and colorful events in the various quarters and the community centers, events held by the absorption department Netanya Museum etc etc.


Independence Square


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City Life

A drum circle in honor of Independence Day

For children aged 2-6

City Life, Culture

Children’s presentation – The Golden Heart Flower

Independence Square Netanya

City Life, Culture

Shoshi’s Puppet Theater – Good Neighbor

in Independence Square

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