“Vacation City”

1933 was the year that marks Netanya as a “Vacation City” – the city was planned accordingly. Streets and gardens, houses that enabled the breeze to air the open space and a new hotel! Hotel Tel Aviv was the first one to be built and on 1934 there was an attempt to build spas in a European style.
A British commentator wrote: “I have travelled in all Mediterranean beaches, been to the French Riviera and have not seen a beach as beautiful as Netanya”.
An Israeli writer & journalist – Aharon Even-Chen wrote: “The beaches are uniquely beautiful, a long stretch of 8 km of white beaches, a high cliff, lifeguard stations, sweet running water and beach-chairs and a kiosk! Are all waiting for the hundreds of bathers”.
At the end of 1937 Netanya had 5 hotels, 4 restaurants, a cinema and children’s camps, trips in the area, sport events, leisure corners and a beautiful beach!
Netanya became a recreation center with visitors from all over Israel!


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Although impossible to visit Netanya during these days – it is the right time to hear about it and learn about its' history! Netanya will embrace you once visiting will be an option.

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