First time in Israel transport routes change between Netanya and the Wingate Institute

In the frame of the Ministry of Transportation and Netivey Ayalaon company project, two new  changing transport routes will be constructed in the middle of the road which will enable driving in the morning hours towards South and in the afternoon towards North – in a way that six free lanes will serve the drivers – according to transport load/ In addition an advanced bicycle path will be built alongside the road and further public transportation all along the route. Works are planned to be starting in the coming summer and due to be ended till 2025.

Netivey Ayalon which are led by the Ministry of Transportation has announced at the end of 2020 a tender in order to finalize the north part of the north section of the “Fast Tracks” project which includes construction of route exchange in the center of road number 2 in the section between Netanya exchange and the Wingate Institute. This section is a main road for travelers’ traffic from the South of Israel towards large Tel Aviv and back south from T.A. and is actually the entrance to the fast tracks and the nourishing route to Shfayim Parking lot which is meant to be the largest parking lot in Israel.

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Happy Atzmaut day in Netanya

A fireworks show, songs, dancing and more!

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An Exhibition opening – “Keter”

By Itzik Badash

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