Government Center

In the coming days the works of the Government Quarter will be launched.

It is a first for Netanya – a local Government Quarter will be launched – it will include all Government offices in the area and will enable easy access and convenience for the residents of the City and the area.

The center will be stretched on 30,000 SM and will be built  on the Ben Zvi  axis (opposite Tschernichowski School). The building itself will be composed of 12 floors, on top of 4 underground floors. The Quarter will include the Income Tax offices, VAT offices, Population Authority, Employment Offices, Department of Justice  ,Health Department , Ministry of Absorption , The Rabbinical Courts, Ministry of Welfare, Police and the Collection Authority.

Further – land will be allocated for the Courts of Netanya.

На изображении может находиться: небо и на улице

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