A third train station

The Ministry of Transportation has decided to confirm a third Train station to be built in Netanya – the Colleges station.

The station will significantly upgrade the lives of the residents and will enable the planned growth of the City- connecting cities like Netanya to the National Rail system and shortening time of arrival to the country center, enlarging the housing options & employment possibilities of the residents and upgrading the value of Real Estate of the city and its surrounding.

The third train station will be built on the Lantos axis on East Netanya. The Station will be built on the ground floor in one of the three compounds which are meant for employment  between Alon Center & Naimi mall and reduce the pressure in other Netanya stations.

Further, the plan includes a direct connection to the Employment area in Netanya to the large Shfaim parking lot whilst enabling accessibility for public transportation which arrives from the South of Israel.

Connecting cities like Netanya to the National Railroad net will shorten the arrival time to the Center of Israel, extend housing offers & job opportunities for the residents.

משרד התחבורה החליט לאשר לנתניה תחנת רכבת שלישית: תחנת המכללות

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