A new Culture Hall in Netanya

The  Municipality of Netanya has approved the building of a new Culture Center a while ago. The decision was made due to a blessed growth in the population of Netanya and the addition of thousands of housing units in the city which led to  the desire to  offer an additional answer to the Netanya residents in days of regular routine.

The new Culture Center will be built west of road No.2 in the Agam gimel area. The impressive architectural building will stretch over 8500 s.m and will include a  main hall with 250 seats , an open Amphitheater  with 300 seats ,a small rehearsal hall with 100 seats, a music/learning hall , management offices, meeting halls, service + technicians rooms and various service spaces.

The whole complex will be surrounded by landscaping, parking places and merchant spaces.

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“Do As You Please 2”

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Inter Active Atzmaut Square

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City Life

Promenades from north to south

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