Shana Tova – 5781 to All!


Shana Tova – 5781 to All!
Upon the upcoming year we wish everyone a Happy New Year. A year of good health, thriving Tourism, a year of trips and happy experiences, a year where all our hopes will be fulfilled for the best!

The Jewish New Year is a Biblical holiday which begins ten days of “Tshuva” (= answers) these days are very important in the Jewish world. At the peak of the day the Shofar will be blown in order to open the gates of Heaven where all prayers will reach Heavens’ gates.

Rosh Hashana is Dooms’ day but a day of happiness and celebrations – the Nations’ trust in God so that it will be safe!

Some of the Holidays’ habits:
The “Tashlich” – throwing your sins to the depth of the Sea
blowing the Shofar – opening heavens’ gates to the prayers.

Traditional foods such as pumpkin, leek, beet and dates as well as lambs’ head, fatty meat, pomegranate, apple & fish.
Sour foods should not be eaten and – one should not eat nuts as in numerology it means sin!

Shana Tova

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