Text, Textile, Texture

Bound to three words that contain the same letters, allows multiple readings grounded in an assortment of deceptions and actions that release them from the consumerist taboo of each word and mold them into an intriguing, engaging and challenging place for thinking or a field of research- and into a ritual that constitutes atmosphere . The exhibition, including its sprawling theme, represents an attempt to search for tools that will transform this four – word string into a text that speaks about itself, that makes itself a sensation..
The exhibition presents us with an attempt to reconcile, within a multicultural world, the individuals’ culture and that of the Different culture all its elements- politics, society, fear & doubt, curiosity and thirst for knowledge – elements that stir controversy on the one hand and trigger dialogue & cultural , human correspondence.

The exhibition runs until November 25 and is open to visitors during the opening hours of the gallery: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – from 10:00 to 17:00
Friday and Saturday – from 10:00 to 14:00

In view of the limitations of the “purple budge”, please make a reservation for visiting the gallery in advance, by calling 0525119908.


Al ha-Tsuk Gallery
Please make a reservation for visiting the gallery in advance, by calling 0525119908
HaMa’apilim Street 19


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