Israeli Art Fair

The Unity Art House a community gallery which was founded in order to assist Israeli painters in promoting their works.

The Gallery is initiating a festival which will include 20 artists from various artistic aspects such as: glass, wood cloths &knits ,puppets, jewelry works etc.

At the same time there will be performances of street artists – singers, painters, clowns, caricaturists and more.

The fair will take place every Thursday during July-August between 17:00-21:00 at the Piano Center in the outer central square.


The Piano Center in the outer central square

The Piano Center – Ir Yamim

10, Shoshana Damari, Netanya



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City Life, Culture

“Do As You Please 2”

The exhibition presents works that were done during Corona days and within the frame of thinking of each artist

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Inter Active Atzmaut Square

The Municipality of Netanya has inaugurated the "Inter Active Atzmaut Square" networked with the most advanced technologic systems and is a touristic attraction.

City Life, Culture

A new Culture Hall in Netanya

The  Municipality of Netanya has approved the building of a new Culture Center a while ago.

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