The paragliding

The paraglider attraction is an exceptional and unusual recreational activity tailored to the adventurers among you who choose to go to the limit – getting to know the sport that so excits Netanya.

Have you always dreamed of looking at everyone from above? Of watching beautiful landscapes that combine azure sea, nature to its fullest glory and on the way to challenge yourself to the limit?

You should get to know Netanya’s exciting attraction – paragliding is emerging as an exceptional recreation activity for the adventurers among you and those looking to gain an unforgettable experience.

You can enjoy a breathtaking route, including the natural and unique cliffs of Netanya, the wonderful coastal strip, and a high view of the greater coastal area.

paragliding Netanya

There is a range of services to potential customers for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding days, romantic gifts and more.

So the next time you are looking to raise your adrenaline levels, to experience a different kind of thrill and especially to break away from the grinding daily routine, it’s time to go up with the parachutes and let the thoughts wander in the skies of Netanya and the surrounding area.

The site does not hold any responsibility of providers of paragliding and does not advertise businesses in that field. For those interested in paragliding services – details of those businesses such as insurance and licenses should be done independently.


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