"Planetanya" activities – back to routine, June 2020

  1. On the 1St of June 2020 the Planetanya will open up for a unique activity “Planetanya under the sky”, “An evening with stars”, “Planetanya”, ” VIP Planetanya in the net”.
  2. The Planetanya is a data, space and culture center which was approved to operate under the “purple badge” and as such will operate by regulations and guidance.
  3. These activities will be for the whole public, as of the age of 4 and up, the whole family in small groups, professionally directed by the Planetanya instructors. Activity integrates a star show of the Planetarium , directions in subjects such as Astronomy, telescopic observation and a tour in the scientific garden or the Japanese garden.
  4. “Planetanya under the sky”
    – Mondays & Wednesday – 16:30, Thursday – 13:00, Friday – 10:30
    – A trip to the Solar System, a sun clock workshop, a stars show in the Planetarium.
    – An instruction and an observation using the telescope, a tour in the Japanese garden
    The activity is recommended for the whole family from age 4+. The activity lasts an hour and a half.
    There is a possibility to have the tours in various languages in previous arrangements:
    Thursday at 13:30 Friday at 11:00
    Upcoming event dates: 01.06, 03.06, 04.06, 05.06, 08.06, 10.06, 11.06, 12.06, 15.06, 18.06, 19.06, 22.06, 24.06, 25.06, 26.06.

“An evening with stars”
Mondays – 19:00
– A trip to the Solar System, a stars show in the Planetarium.
– An advanced instruction of the telescope – the invention and its’ usage and an observation.
– A tour in the Japanese garden
The activity is recommended for the older crowd. The activity lasts an hour and a half.
Upcoming event dates: 01.06, 03.06, 08.06, 10.06, 15.06, 22.06, 24.06, 29.06, 01.07.

Planetanya VIP
The Planetanya observes your capsule, as much as possible.
Do you want to come with family, friends or have a private event? Planetanya is here to host you with activity pre-arranged with the variety of activities from the Planetanya in a personal touch.

Planetanya on line – a lecture or a lesson on line
The Planetanya offers kindergartens or schools an invitation for a visit in the site which includes rich and versatile programs according to the initial 2020 program which was released on the beginning of the year.


168 Ben Gurion Blvd.
Telephone: 09-8308860


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