Netanya opens the 2020 bathing season

In the shadow of the Corona epidemic and with the approval of the Ministry of Health and the Purple Tea and Home Office, Netanya Municipality on Wednesday will gradually open the bathing season in nine of the ten declared beaches in the city with a major investment in upgrading the bathing facilities and facilities for the public good and welfare on the coastal island. This year, approximately NIS 2 million was invested in upgrading and renovating the beach facilities, including upgrading the wardrobes, shade sheds, arranging parking and more. In addition, dedicated trainings and training were carried out for the rescue team and the enforcement system was arranged for the public welfare.

As mentioned above, in accordance with the purple badge; guidelines, the public is asked to obey the instructions.
• Wear mask according to instructions.
• Keep a distance of 2 meters from each other.
• Hygiene must be maintained.
• You can only wash in outside showers.

The shores will be patrolled by municipal inspectors working to maintain order, safety and enforcement of bylaws. Bathing is allowed only at the declared beaches and during lifeguard activities.

About Netanya beaches:
Ten Rescue Towers are located on the 10 beaches of Netanya, of which 2 are beaches
for water sports. Sironit Beach, Herzl Beach and Poleg Beach, accessible to the public with disabilities. Beaches in Sironit and Herzl accessibility is up to the waterline including the possibility of entering the water with a special disabled carriage.

Opening date Notes:
1. Blue Bay Beach 20.5.20
2. Sanzh Beach 1.6.20
3. Ha-Onot Beach 20.5.20
4. Amphy Beach 20.5.20
5. Herzl Beach 1.7.20 The sukkah has been replaced with a new sukkah and still under construction.
6. Sironit Beach A 20.5.20
7. Sironit Beach B 20.5.20
8. Lagoon Beach 20.5.20
9. North Poleg Beach 20.5.20
10. South Poleg Beach – will open later on following announcement of the Ministry of Health.

From the beginning of the bathing season until winter time, from 08:30 to half
an hour before sunset. Starting June 1, two morning stations will open at Sironit A and B starting at 6.30 am. It is well known that eight bathing beaches in Netanya carry the Blue Flag quality mark indicating compliance with international standards in a number of parameters, including: cleanliness, rescue, water quality, beach services and more.

The Blue Flag program, is an international voluntary program, unique for the coastal environment. Declared beaches and marinas that are part of the program enjoy a mark of environmental excellence recognized worldwide. The blue flag is awarded to beaches and marinas, which meet international environmental criteria for education and information, water quality, safety services and environmental management. The program is run by FEE – an international umbrella organization for environmental education of nonprofits from around the world. EcoOcean is the exclusive representative of FEE in Israel.

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