Netanya and surroundings

Halbrecht farm food garden

Netanya and its surroundings offer unique things to visitors of the city, especially those who come during the winter and early spring. Here are three options for a relaxing, yet experiential pastime that will suit a wide age range.

“Yacobs opens a table”
A culinary home that offers a private space for cooking and baking workshops. Yacob’s Dairy specializes in the production of boutique cheeses made from beef, sheep and goats’ milk and a home of dairy workshops with the best chefs specializing in different cuisines and styles.
For example, your choice:
– A local Arab cooking workshop, where you will learn how to make vine leaves with rice filling, shishbark, pattier, cannabis balls, maclub, cuba sinier, salad and semolina cake;
– A local Israeli cooking workshop in which fresh chickpeas, olive oil, spicy herbs, tahini, coriander and spicy pesto, roasted fish in steamed buns, roasted eggplant, dates, pistachio and zaatar, stuffed vine leaves, yogurt and sumac, kanafiz Melbi, Strawberry Syrup, Peanut and Coconut.
Italian, Georgian, Indian, Greek cooking workshops and more
Address: Rabbi Israeli, Kfar Haroeh
Phone: 04-625-1266

The Halbrecht farm flourishes and produces ecological and delicious products, inviting you to get acquainted with and enjoy a wide variety of organic vegetables, harvested daily from the soil, workshops and experiences in Nature. you can order a shipment from the garden nursery or come and choose for yourself – a variety of vegetables, fruits, honey and spices grown under strong restrictions.
In the fully equipped cooking area in the center of the garden you can enjoy a variety of activities – cooking workshops for the whole family on Saturdays.
Among the upcoming events: The Halbrecht Farm’s Succulents and Cacti Fair on Friday 7.2 from 9 am to 4 pm Fun day for the whole family on Saturdays on 1.2, 8.2, 22.2 from 9: 30-15: 00.
Address and details: Moshav Bitan Aharon,
Tammy Halbrecht-Hasson 054-2000635, 09-7731489,

Netanya Market
Netanya’s market is colorful, full of surprises, testimonials and family stories that have been on the market for several generations. Those who come to the Netanya market these days encounter painters, singers and musicians among the fruit and vegetable stands. Where once the traders used to shout at the passers-by, sounds and songs are heard today. It is a known fact that the most trendy cafes and the most authentic restaurants are in the markets. And the market in Netanya is not left behind, and instead there are very tasty food tours. Take an independent culinary tour and get to know the most authentic and delicious places, such as Herzl’s Burika (Shoham 13, Netanya), Pamuki Carmel (Diamond 5, Netanya).

Chacho Restaurant (10 Shoham, Netanya) and Tunisian Sandwich (9 Diamond Street).
You can check out the possibility of an organized tour of the market on behalf of the Netanya Museum (tel. 09-8308851) and / or a hotel where you stay.

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By Itzik Badash

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