Winter has begun

Winter has begun, which means it’s time to travel to Israel. Judge for yourself – the maximum temperature in Tel Aviv in December is 19.2 ° C, and two out of three days are sunny. The best time to travel around the country.

The best for tourists is to stay in Netanya. Our city is located in the very center of Israel, and wherever you want to go, you will spend less time on the road.

Here are a few excursions you can do when you stay in Netanya:

Jerusalem is a sacred place for Christians, Muslims and Jews, a city full of life, the oldest in the Middle East. On ancient maps he was depicted in the center of the world, it was here that many events described in the Old and New Testaments took place.

Day at Ein Gedi Spa – Ein Gedi SPA is a green oasis based on thermal mineral springs. Having taken baths filled with hot hydrogen sulfide water, it is pleasant to go to a cool pool filled with fresh water, or to smear yourselves with Dead Sea mud containing bromine, magnesium and other components of the periodic table.

Acre is a city of stunning beauty on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where traces of ancient history are preserved. It was founded more than four thousand years ago. Initially, the city was at the crossroads of trade routes of international importance.

Ramat Hanadiv. Baron Rothschild’s Gan Hanadiv. Stunning gardens, laid out around the family crypt of Baron Rothschild, an ancient villa-mansion, a cave, a spring, and many other attractions.
Zikhron Yakov is one of the first settlements in the country. Shady paths, traces of ancient water channels, the ruins of Roman baths, Jewish buildings from the Second Temple.

And this is only a small part of the routes that start in Netanya!

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