Тhe dual experience that outlet malls offer

Bickel Outlet Center

The soon-to-be-opened Bickel Outlet Center in the north of the Netanya industrial area, will give the consumer a combination of two advantages – visiting the mall with all its benefits and access to branded products at an attractive price.

In the coming months, Bickel Outlet Center Netanya, the largest and only outlet mall of its kind in Israel, will open where the “Hadarim” mall was. This is a 22,000sqm gross area in the north of the Netanya industrial area that will include outlet stores from the leading firms in the country, such as Fox, Delta, Gali, Hagara, Golf and more. The mall’s location forms part of a new comprehensive plan for the city of Netanya, which includes the relocation of the city’s central bus station to the area as well as the transfer of the train station 300 m north of its current location and adjacent to its connection with Route 57. Unlike existing outlet centers, the venue will run as a combination of a branded shopping center that sells original, non-surplus products throughout the year at significant discounted prices.

Subsequently, the developer intends to expand the complex from 22,000 meters gross today by hundreds of percent – through the establishment of two employment towers, as the new master plan will allow. The mall will also meet their needs. Currently, the complex has 400 parking spaces, and more than 1200 parking spaces adjacent to the mall serving those coming to the nearby train station as well as other parking spaces adjacent to the mall to the north and east.


Bickel Outlet Center
North of the Netanya industrial area



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