Netanya Artists’ Association – Annual Exhibition and Mayor’s Awards
August-September 2019

A fabric of local creativity

Woven, embroidered, knitted, layered, or striped.
Soft and delicate or rough and prickly.
The artwork in this annual exhibition of the Netanya Artists’ Association represents variations on the theme of “Textures.” Inspired by the world around us, these works of art create a world of visual and tactile textures.
The dimensions of the work were restricted; the creative options were left wide open. The artists were encouraged to spread their wings of imagination and create visual art that begs touching — weaving ordinary materials into new ideas reflecting the richness and beauty of our local social and cultural fabric.

A few words about the Netanya Artists Association (all participating artists belong to this association):

The Netanya Artists Association for Visual Arts has been active for 30 years. Its members are artists residing in Netanya and the surrounding area, representing a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and opinions. Its members are involved in all aspects of visual art, including painting, etching, sculpture, photography, assemblage, video art, and more.
The exhibitions organized by the association enable the artists to challenge themselves, inspire their fellow members, contributing to the local cultural dialog.

As part of its ongoing activity, the association:

  • Organizes exhibitions, artists’ meetings, and workshops as well as lectures open to the general public.
  • Collaborates with various artists’ associations in Israel as well as in twin cities around the globe.
  • Participates in various community projects such as hosting exhibitions of people with special needs, art projects for kindergarten children, and more.
  • Is involved in local activities such as the Holocaust Memorial Day, summer activities, etc.

The association is operated by volunteers who strive to enrich its members and the local community. Among its goals, the creation of a local Artists’ Center, which will serve as a hub for artists and art lovers.



Al ha-Tsuk Gallery

Ha-Ma’apilim St 19, Netanya



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