Into the blue: Netanya’s unmissable beach spots

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Israel’s coastline stretches from the rocks of Rosh HaNikra in the north to the ancient city of Ashqelon in the south. But Netanya’s 13 kilometer-long string of sandy beaches offers a variety of seaside experience unrivaled by any other in the country. The area’s hot summers and mild winters mean more than 300 days of beach weather each year. There’s something for anyone here. Whether you’re looking for a quiet escape, a trendy sea-front bar or a water sports adventure, pack a towel and head for a stretch of sand waiting just for you. Here’s where you should go to satisfy your specific kind of beach crave:

Sironit Beach Located below the Rishonim Promenade, Sironit beach is easily accessible by a transparent elevator that takes visitors right to the water’s edge. The elevator also means wheelchair accessibility, so individuals with disabilities can reach the water along with their family and friends. The tranquil bays here enable safe swimming almost all year round, making this location particularly attractive to families with children who eagerly splash in the shallows and build castles in the sand. This is a great place to kick start your day, as the beach is open for early risers from 6:30 a.m.

Herzel Beach Located beneath Atzmaut square right in the city center, this is a beach frequented by sporty types and fitness lovers. There’s a spot here dedicated for sailing catamarans, which decorate the horizon with their colorful sails. Locals young and old come here for surfing lessons and official sailing competitions take place in the blue waters.

Onot Beach Named after a hotel that towers over the bustling strip, this is often the most hospitable beach for tourists visiting Netanya. Something is always going on here, as the beach is a center of activity for party people looking to have fun. The trendy beach-front restaurant provides dancers and sunbathers with cool drinks and DJ spun tunes mash with the sound of the waves.

“Speedo” Poleg Beach At the southern end of Netanya’s strip is this newly renovated haven for sea-lovers. Poleg offers shaded pavilions, fitness facilities, a beach soccer field and volleyball nets for a workout in the sand. And if you’re even more adventurous, head to the northern side of the beach, which is reserved for motorized marine sports such as jet-skiing and surfing. Or why not try paddle surfing, a sport that has become immensely popular in Israel in the last years. If you’re hungry from all this activity, the beach restaurant offers delicious meals and stunning views of the setting sun.

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