Hotel Mizpe Yam

Hotel Boutique Mizpe Yam is an intimate hotel, which has a special atmosphere, due to its special architectural design.
The guest feels as if he is at home.The hotel is built to meet the requirements of tourists and businessmen alike.

The guests of the hotel are hosted in a unique atmosphere.The staff of the hotel knows each guest personally.The combination of Hotel facilities and a Banquet Hall ensures guest satisfaction when celebrating Shabbat Hatan, Family gatherings and Conventions, which demand overnight accommodations. Guests can enjoy walks along the nearby beachfront and promenade.Menus are catered to the guests preferences on the highest possible level. The kitchen has a certified kashruth certificate provided by the Netanya rabbinate.


Address: 1 Jabotinski Street, Netanya, 42277, Israel
Phone: 098623730
Fax: 098623730


TEL: 09-8621777
FAX: 073-7897255


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