A series of lectures in Planetanya led by Doron Fishler

We were all disappointed when the year 2015 arrived and we did not get flying cars. About how “Back to the future”, “Star Trek”, “2001: Space Odyssey” and other films tried to predict the future – and almost always failed, and the details in which the future is quite similar.

Prices: Lecture price – 50 NIS When purchasing the lecture series (subject to purchase of at least 3 lectures) 40 NIS per participant.




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City Life, Culture

Sukkot 2019 at the Netanya City Museum

Sukkot 2019 at the Netanya City Museum


From St. Petersburg with Love

A Russian folklore event, with the participation of dozens of singers, dancers, and musicians


Gil Shochat hosts Maya Buskila

The madness of vocal virtuosity, marvelous power and sweeping energy

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