Kehilat Tarbut – the neighborhoods ' artists in Netanya

Artists, Netanya residents and tourists alike, are invited to join a celebration of art in a different atmosphere, in the home of Mazal Kotti, together with the artists’ community of Netanya – Kehilat Tarbut – The neighborhoods’ artists

Who are we?
Kehilat Tarbut – The neighborhoods’ artists is a community of artists from Netanya who decided to develop the culture in the city for the benefit of all residents of the city, while creating for ourselves a warm community to live within.

Who is it for?
Artists who want to experience a new social gathering and surprising and interesting creative space.

What do we do?
We paint, play music, and especially meet with unique artists from around the city and the region and with the community of Netanya artists.

When and where?
Every Wednesday, 19:00-23:00, 8 Belsen St., Neot Herzl, Netanya

How much does it cost?
There is no charge.



Tel: 09-8603324/5
Fax: 09-8857302


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