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Hol Hamo’ed Sukkoth, 25.9-28.9.2018, the Netanya History Museum

Hol Hamo’ed Sukkoth, 25.9-28.9.2018, the Netanya History Museum will host an array of activities including:

On September 25th at 9:30, a tour – Windows to the Past – learning about the past through the present, on an experiential tour for the entire family, on a route that goes through the Netanya Museum, Beit Habe’er Museum in which you will receive an explanation about a well that works from the manager of the place, Mrs. Tami Ben Bassat, the Belgian houses in the Pardess HaGdud neighborhood, from there, in a sharp transition to a neighborhood where time froze – the village of Uriya and the Tobruk polishing machines containing the story of the sergeants.

The guide Yishai Schmidov will be accompanied by a counselor who will activate the children who will take part in the tour – please register by phone at 098308851

On September 26th ,10:00-12:00, activities for children: a workshop titled, Good Years with a Nostalgic Feel, and another titled, Photography Coming to Life – all of our nostalgic postcards come to life from the Museum’s collection. Cost of NIS 20 for both workshops.

On September 26th at 11.00 – a tour organized by Wikipedia at the well house. Registration at phone 098329940

On September 26th at 17:00 – a tour of the art of graffiti and the graffiti artists who painted on the walls of Herzl Street. Meet at the entrance to the Leonardo Hotel. Registration in advance for a cost of 10 NIS

On September 27th, 10:00-12:30 – a morning of fun experiences for the entire family – first is the race on Herzl Street with riddles, where you can win prizes. Then continue with more riddles using your smartphone to discover enchanting secrets, and we’ll end with a recreated photo and costumes with the new theatrical camera. For information about additional events at the museum and to register, call 09-8308851.

On September 28th at 7.30 – Barefoot at the beach, in the morning we will go for a sports tour – a morning walk with the breeze. The tour will combine sport and sea stories and a little history Cost: 10 NIS


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