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We founded Alexander Brewery on August 20, 2008 in Emek Hefer, near Alexander stream with one goal in mind – to brew excellent Israeli craft beer.

Israeli – produced here in Emek Hefer, the way we like it. We let the Israeli beer lover get it good and fresh, without having it shipped from far away, suffering hard journeys.

Excellent – Like the best craft breweries in Europe and the US, it’s based on knowledge and tradition of the quality European breweries.

Like with all foods and beverages, the raw materials we use mainly determine the beer’s quality and taste. We only use the highest quality raw materials:
* European malt and hops

*Israeli water treated by reverse osmosis treatment, becoming totally pure.

Alexander is a craft brewery. In our eyes, this means we’re dealing with the beer’s quality, taste, and smell. We always focus our thinking and creativity on producing beer that’s as tasty and enjoyable as possible.

19, Tzvi Hanahal St. Industrial Park, Emek Hefer


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