Kef Bike

Kef Bike

Kef Bike offers family cycling trips in the beautiful Israel countryside. Kef Bike has the perfect solution for you. See Israel on a bike and enjoy an experience that you will never forget.

Some of our Tours:

Netanya South Beach
Suitable for all the family a bike trip along the cliffs of Netanya. Visit the Victory Monument, Winter Park, Iris Nature Reserve.

Alexander Stream West
A ride along the banks of the Alexander Stream. Enjoy the natural countryside before a refreshing cup of coffee on the beach at Bet Yanai where the river empties into the Sea.

Alexander Stream East
Ride the Alexander Stream along its banks. View the truly amazing sight of thousands of migrating birds (Seasonal).

All tours are accompanied by an experienced biking instructor. Bikes and safety equipment is supplied.





Levin Moshe 10B (157.14 mi), Netanya



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Netanya Skatepark

Located in the Winter Park Lake, including the Skatepark itself, the complex extends over three dunams with extreme facilities and the most sophisticated skating facilities.

Netanya stadium

Netanya Stadium area is about 60 acres, with approximately 6000 square meters intended for trade and employment.

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