For amateur photographers

Windows into the past – me, the camera and the past hidden from sight

A series of 5 photography sessions are designed to reveal the hidden past through art photography and personal expression.

The purpose: a collection of photographs in preparation for the establishment of an exhibition of photographs on this subject in cooperation with the Netanya City Museum

Guidance: The curator and documentary photographer Lionel Darmon

In each session, we will focus on a different topic and explore specific sites that we do not “see” in everyday life but are of historical significance.

During the sessions, each photographer will be able to give personal expression from a perspective unique to him.

List of meetings and topics we will be dealing with:
– Umm Khaled – A tour following the ruins of the village
– Pardess Hagdud – Belgium in Israel – the Belgian houses
– Ein Yaakov – a neighborhood where time has frozen
– Architecture in the international style – what remains?
Diamond polishing companies and the stock exchange

The meetings are on Fridays from 10:00-13:00 on the dates 4.5 / 18.5 / 1.6 / 29.6 / 20.7

The cost of all meetings is 150 NIS
Register and pay at link >>

For more details: Nurit Mozes, 0524341672 or at the Netanya Museum 09-8840020 or by email at




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