SEGO GoNetanya

Netanya is characterized by an amazing coastline with a new and exotic promenade chosen as one of the most beautiful promenades in Israel.
The basic tour is an hour; you can also go on a tour of an hour and a half.
The Segway tours will follow the promenade and will be accompanied by explanations from one of our excellent guides about the state of the cliff, unique in Israel, the history of Netanya, the illegal immigrant ship Pancho, the Red Army Victory Monument, and other piquant details about the area.
In addition to the fascinating explanations, we will of course enjoy the amazing view of the promenade and the refreshing breeze that blows throughout the day.


10 Oved Ben Ami Boulevard, just below the Island Hotel.


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City Life

Riding and enjoying in Netanya

Cycling is a field that has been developing in many cities in the country and around the world for decades.

The paragliding

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Sports events in Netanya

An impressive athletic competition can be one of the wonderful memories of the time spent in Netanya

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