Sarina chocolate

In Moshav Ein-Vered in the Sharon area, in the midst of the orchard area, there is a magical world of chocolate.
Sarina-chocolate is a visitors center for the art of chocolate and a place for workshops, designed especially to create a unique experience inside the world of chocolate. The center is large, spacious and well-equipped and the atmosphere is inviting.

Description of the Activities
A variety of chocolate workshops for adults’ families and children.
-a tour to the cacao trees in the climate regulated hothouse and a short documentary film describing the world of chocolate.
-a view of the manufacturing production of the chocolate
-possibility to purchase hand- made gourmet chocolate in the boutique store
-for groups a light or full meal with a variety of menus

The workshop can be done in English,

Kosher certificate exists- Lev-Hasharon Rabbinate (Kosher-Dairy)

Hours of activity: need to be coordinated in advance (closed on Saturday and religious holidays)

Plenty of parking space.

You are welcome to come visit and enjoy the variety of activities offered at the center which will enable future cooperation.




Tel: 077-5255370 Fax: 077-5255371


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